Safety Tips

Making Payments for Goods and/or Services through Nasolist
Do not prepay for goods and services solicited via Nasolist. For example, if you fins a car on Nasolist that you want to buy, do not pay for the car before you see the car. Always make sure you physically see the goods before negotiating payment.
Upfront Fees or Service Fees
Do not pay any upfront, service, or delivery fees to sellers on Nasolist. This is a typical indicator that you are about to be scammed out of your money.
Meeting Sellers in Person
For your safety, do not meet sellers in private places. Ensure that you meet sellers in public places such as a hotel, fuel station or market places. Public meeting increases your safety and reduces the chances of getting robbed or physically harmed.
Sharing your Financial Information
Do not share your financial information with sellers. This includes your bank account details, credit and debit card details and any other information about your finances that can be misused.
Common Sense
The above list is a concise list of common scams and fraud. There are many other forms of fraud that are not listed above. Be careful and always use common sense when making financial transactions. If a transaction or advertisement appears to be a scam to you, use common sense and judgement before and when you contact owners of such advertisements.