Billing Policy

1. Subscribers of have the option of using the standard or paid plans.
2. The standard plan at is free and do not require any form of payment.
3. The paid plans can be used to promote subscriber’s products and make them more visible to visitors and users.
4. The paid plans consist of three plans namely: 5. For subscribers to one of our three paid plans, your advertisement will be promoted ahead of the advertisement of our standard plan users. The advertisement of paid subscribers will be promoted in the following ways: 6. The paid plans can be ordered when creating an account or when creating an advertisement. Subscribers to the paid plan have two options of payment. has no preferred payment option. This means that our paid plan subscribers can choose either of the two payment options that is more convenient. believes in subscriber satisfaction and convenience. takes the security of subscribers very seriously. All payment through is secured.
7. Paid plans are valid for specific durations. The validity period begins from the time payment is received and ends on the duration specified on the paid plan. For example, if you subscribe to the Premium Plan and paid for this plan on the 10th of August 2020, your plan is valid from the 1th of August and expires on the 19th of October 2020.
8. All payment on for paid plans are non-negotiable and final. This implies that payments are non-refundable either in full or in prorated forms. non-refund policy is applicable to services that are used as well as unused services. This mean that subscribers to our paid plans must ensure that advertisements are submitted on the day payments are made because the plans begin on the date payment are received by
9. The paid plans on cannot be auto-renewed. Thus, paid plan subscribers must manually make payments at the end of the validity period to continue enjoying its benefits.
At, we strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of our paid and unpaid. However, does not guarantee any outcome and is not liable if the expectations of premium subscribers are not met.